This set of illustrations was done for Infectofobia, Instagram profile created by infectious disease specialist Dr. Artur Henrique de OliveiraThe client requested characters based on various infectious agents, such as fungi, viruses, bacteria and others, to be used on Instagram posts.

Two aditional illustrations were comissioned: One to be used as a "magazine cover", featuring all of the characters, and another depicting a stylized "Plague Doctor", to be used as the profile's mascot.
Characters: Bacillus, Coccus, Fungus, Mycobacterium, Mosquito, Airborne Virus, Blood Virus
The idea of the project was that each character would express characteristics from the real microbes in a cartoony, light way. For example, the mosquito, which is a vector for various diseases, carries a virus in a purse. The coccus, which is a bacteria agglomerate, is depicted with many eyes and faces. The viruses sport "diving suits" which reference the protective layer these organisms possess in the real world. 

The entire goal was to follow the Instagram profile's tagline, "Infectology without Terror". Thus, the tone is light and fun, inspired by old cartoons and series such as Goosebumps

The work was done using the Procreate app for iPad, with corrections and adjustments done in Adobe Photoshop.
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