The Secret Lake

Illustration done as part of the ILUSTRA S/A course.

The briefing asked for a cover illustration of the book "The Secret Lake", by author Karen Inglis, based on a biref synopsis of the story and a description of the main characters. 

The illustration was done mainly on the Procreate app for iPad, with retouches and adjustments done in Adobe Photoshop. The goal was to evoke an air of mystery and at the same time keep an atmosphere of adventure that would be alluring to children, the intended audience for the book. A mix of watercolor and colored pencil brushes were used to give the cover the desired looks.
The image below shows a preliminary version of the cover. The piece already depicted the same characters, settings and tone intended for the work.

However, upon discussion of the material, a better establishment of the visual plans of the picture and the mystery aspect were worked into the image for the final version.

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